What is a CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System, this is used to control and manage the content on your website simply and without a lot of training to do so.

When it comes to CMS for websites they are made for anyone out there that is interested in creating a website, without knowing about HTML.

These CMS are usually free (with their website as an advertisement included in the URL) or at a certain price which is normally relatively cheap.

A lot business use CMS instead of hiring someone or having someone within the business to make the website because its a lot faster and easier to keep the information within the website up to date, it is also quicker to change the theme etc much faster this way. The business will also save a huge amount of time and money doing it this way too.

The advantages of using CMS is that it gives the user free roam on thousands of already made templates, styles, themes and plugins. This allows the user almost unlimited ability to make their website 100% theirs. It takes a lot less time to make a website via CMS rather than learning HTML, means that less techinally inclined people can get a free website or big organisations dont need to hire someone who knows HTML rather have someone learn something like wordpress.

Another reason you might want to use something like wordpress is the fact that you can change what the website will look like on a tablet/PC or phone, this is with just a click of a button and is usually implemented in most CMS. This means you can then edit your website to look better visually on other formats if it doesn’t fit the small screen of a phone.


http://www.navegabem.com/cms-website-design.html – What is a CMS

http://www.whatcms.org/ – What is a CMS


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