HTML email campaign

HTML Email campaign is needed for most websites as majority of people use emails for either personal/work or even company emails. There needs to be a subscribe to email, this is then used for marketing to that persons email addres. This can be with deals or new items that are in stock, with this done then the person will always know what is coming in without having to go onto the website, this also means that the person is more likely to go back onto the website if they get an email which interests them in some way.


I made sure that i had this enabled on my website as it is a games website that does deals often to intrigue the user. With the website being about games there are always new products that are constantly realeased, so the subscribe email means that they will always be informed.

From here they will then to comfirm their subscription after which point they will be emailed either weekly or monthly.


“Despite the odd complaint about spam, most of us check our email every week.

This seems like a small point, but it is actually quite significant. When someone logs onto Facebook, they may only see five to ten per cent of the updates from pages they subscribe too. The situation on Twitter is no different. Even if you use Twitter frequently, when you login to check your home page feed, you will probably only see Tweets from the last hour or so.”

Having a email subscribe along side with a social media link means that you can get your information out easier with more people seeing it more often. Most people will have notifications from their mobile when they get an email so this will grab their attention, it is the easiest way to put your company out to people.

“In fact, email opens on mobile devices have grown an incredible 30% over the past 5 years, to the point where they now dominate both desktop and webmail clients.”


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